education & qualifications


Psychology Degree; option: social work.                  

I.P.S.A.Catholic University of Angers.


Marketing, Communication & Advertising (4th year).                            

E.S.P.L. Angers.


State Diploma for medical visitors.                                                     

O.P.F, Le Mans.


State diploma for tourism technicians,                                                   

A.F.P.A Nice.

professional experiences

                            2006-2017   Head receptionnist   ( HOTEL en poste *** Nice)

                      working toward the maximisation of Hotel sales, upselling hotel facilities and

                      maximising room sales by selling upgrades and walk-ins. Yield management

                      providing an excellent level of customer service on telephone and face to face

2006            Head receptionnist / Night auditor  ( HOTEL HI **** Nice)

                      operating a busy Switchboard, Front Office computer system and Fax Machine

2004-2006   Senior receptionnist / Supervisor  ( HOTEL DE BERNE ** Nice)

                      Recruiting and training receptionists.

                      Organising staff rota's and overseeing other Reception staff.

 2003            Sales and operating agent  ( CONTACT VOYAGES – Nice)

 2002            Sales and operating agent  ( EUROPCAR- Nice aéroport)

2001             Sales recruitment officer  ( ADECCO EVENEMENTIEL-Paris 15è).

                       Visiting clients and prospecting, developing client loyalty.

                       Placing of hostesses, stewards, stand builders and dismounters, chauffeurs....

1999-2001    Supervisor  ( BUDGET FRANCE-Paris- La Défense).

                      Management of a profit center and of  a team of four people.                        

                      Prospecting new client companies.           

                      Selection of applicants and interviews.

1996-1999   Sales and operating agent  ( AVIS FRANCE- Nice airport).

                      Dealing with customer lawsuits and accident report.

                      Best French salesman for customer cards for several months.

1993             Marketing supervisor- Telemarketing( ABREVIATION-Le Mans).

                      Training and management of teleworkers.

                      Creation of selling-points and analysingstatistics.

                      Purchasing of prospective client files.

1992             Assistant marketing director.  ( S2EA-Le Mans).

                      Job creation  in a commercial information company.

                      Creation of a commercial and financial information telematic service.

1990             Commercial  marketing service  ( RSCG OUEST-Nantes).

                       Market study (canned food, mattresses, salmon...)

1989             Marketing management  ( ETS THENIER-Angers).

                      Création of  logo,  graphic charts, catalogues,  exhibition area and video for

                      a horticultural company.

1988             Human resources assistant  ( RENAULT-Boulogne Billancourt).

                      Psychology and ability testing, re-cycling and hire, helping to create

                      companies and immigrant re-expatriation..


English: Fluent.                  Spanish: Read and written.

Russian: knowledge.           Italian: in progress. 

Personnal informations   

                       Travel, cinema, reading, ski, swimming.... 

                       non smoker, 1967/11/23, (49 years old) driving licence and vehicule.